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Case Studies

Explore some of the projects and solutions we have delivered for customers.

Early Warning – How it Works

PCI – Agent Connect

PCI – Agent Connect allows your business to manage skills based agent pools utilising our secure, PCI compliant Call Queue with Automatic Call Distribution.

Quickly move your agents offsite, work from home, even using mobile phones.

Monitor, manage, roster and report on all your agents in real time.

Call Queue

A Charity donations company needed all their remote sales staff mobile phones to be part of a call queue. Retaining inbound callers and distributing calls to home and remote agents is of utmost importance in securing donations. If disaster strikes their main call centre, remote agents must be brought on quickly and easily.

PCI – Booking manager

PCI – Booking Manager allows your business to manage skills based agent pools utilising our secure, PCI compliant booking service.

Simplify the scope of your PCI compliance, instantly.

Level 1 PCI DSS certification.

Internet Fax Improves Document Security for Lawyers & Solicitors

Send and receive fax documents as PDF files in your email to improve handling efficiency while also saving money.

Apply passwords to your PDF files, and zip files, so that only the sender and receiver can access the fax document.

Add subject tags to your PDF files to improve archiving and searchability by these subjects.

Bushfire Alert Telephone & SMS Early Warning

Our 2021/2022 Bushfire season
subscriptions are now open.
Visit our subscribers page to renew your subscription.

Bushfire Alert Subscribers


Following the deaths of nine people in the 2005 bushfire, communities on the Lower Eyre Peninsula set up their own early warning telephone & SMS alerting system.


Innovative mobile solution develops a reverse charge market while improving child safety.

Vehicle Registration Reminder

In conjunction with the South Australian Government, TelcoEdge has developed the eNotice SMS and Email notification service so motorists can be reminded when their vehicle registrations are due.

Ring Group

Finance company needed all their sales staff mobile phones to ring simultaneously such that the first one to answer gets the sales call. Answering inbound sales calls quickly is critical in the highly competitive finance industry.