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Local Phone Number

Local Presence

Give your business a local phone number presence interstate and forward calls to your mobile or office based on time and day.

TelcoEdge local phone numbers are available in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA and NT.

Grow your business presence interstate without the expense of multiple physical offices.

Use a different local phone number for each advertising channel to track where your marketing dollars are and are not working.

Voicemail to Email

TelcoEdge local phone numbers provide the option to receive Voicemail in your Email.

Having a professional voicemail greeting for your local phone number is of paramount importance to your business image. When all your lines are busy voicemail will be taken and sent to your email address. You can also access voicemails via the TelcoEdge secure portal.

Includes an option to receive an SMS alert when new voicemails are received.

24/7 Online Access

Online access enables you to manage your call handling preferences of your local phone number whenever you want in real time, putting you in control of your customer calls during normal operations plus in times of unplanned emergencies.
For example, change your call forwarding answer points, voicemail settings, greeting audios plus many other powerful features without having to wait (and pay) for your provider.
True 24/7 emergency diversion at your fingertips.
Real time reporting enables you to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns including drilling down to finer geo-location detail of callers.


Protect your main phone number from predators and scammers with our local phone numbers. No one needs to know your direct phone numbers.
Call screening to filter who is calling before we forward the call to you.
Block certain unwanted callers.
Record the call.
Time of day routing, voicemail, and many more features included at no extra fee.

Call Recording

TelcoEdge local phone numbers include call recording so that you can record and retrieve those important phone conversations.

No on-site equipment required.

Our customers use the service in the following situations:

  • Call centres
  • Voice print of customers agreeing to a new contract
  • Dispute avoidance
  • Where security is paramount
  • Reduce business and personal liability
  • Recover missed opportunities

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

TelcoEdge local phone numbers include powerful IVR (interactive voice response) greeting menus features plus an interface where you can self manage your call settings quickly and easily whenever you want.
No need to wait (and pay) for your provider to change the call flow, answering phone numbers or audio prompts. TelcoEdge’s cloud based virtual phone IVR service puts you in control of your business 24/7.
Select from our range of ready-to-go IVRs or click and build your own call flow. Of course our friendly team is also ready to help you with any simple or complex requirements.

Postcode Routing

Improve customer experience by delivering calls to the store that is nearest to the caller.
Postcode prompting the caller, ensures that your customer calls will always be delivered correctly to the store you want to answer the call. This solves the problem of routing internet phone and mobile callers where their calling location may be inaccurate.
Postcode routing is available on all TelcoEdge local phone numbers.

Real Time Call Reporting

Track sales & advertising performance.
Real time call reporting shows the volume and duration of calls to each store and most importantly the ‘missed’ calls.
If desired you can set each store up with different business hours and decide whether after hours calls go to another store, a mobile or voicemail-to-email.

Time and Day Routing

Call control made easy.
Route calls to different locations based on the time of day and day of week the call is made.
Using the TelcoEdge portal you can:

Manage the call forwarding destination phone numbers
Configure time and day the calls go to various destination numbers
Access real time call reporting
Manage call control preferences 24/7

Messages On Hold

TelcoEdge local phone numbers make every call count by playing marketing messages to your callers when they are waiting in a queue.

Allow multiple incoming calls to be queued until the next available staff member is available. Select the music to be played, the maximum size of the queue and how long the caller gets queued for. Add or remove staff numbers via our online interface 24/7. No extra fees or limits to the number of times you wish to change your messages.

TelcoEdge local phone numbers offer the complete package without the typical high cost.

IVR Phone Payments

Brilliant range of PCI DSS certified phone payment solutions that eliminate your staff and infrastructure from PCI DSS scope instantly.

Eliminate Card Holder Data from entering your environment.

We provide PCI-Agent Assist and PCI-IVR Phone Payment solutions to government and enterprises processing payments for license renewals, motor vehicle registration, court imposed fines, subscriptions, bill payment and services with integrated live agent features.

Simplify Your PCI Compliance Today!

Phone Surveys

Automated phone survey & phone voting questionnaires by telephone.
Collect responses to survey and voting type questionnaires from your staff, customers or general public over the telephone 24/7 – no call centre staff required!
Highly featured:

On-line access to self-manage your phone surveys, activate/deactivate and view reports
Results automatically emailed to you after every call
Runs 24/7 making it easy for callers even when your office is closed
Schedule start and end time & date
Manage your own phone questionnaire call flows
Upload and manage your own audio (questions to play to the callers)
Configure questions to either collect keypad digit responses or record spoken answers
Options to collect PINs and Passwords
Automated and on-line call reporting
Closed user groups

Telephone Broadcast

Broadcast alert messages by Telephone, Email and SMS to large groups of people very quickly.
Where used in emergencies, this early information provides potentially life saving critical time.

Communities to alert their neighbours of emergencies such as bushfire, flood, tsunami, cyclone, mountain road closure, chemical spillage, terrorism
Government to alert the public of emergencies
Law enforcement in conjunction with communities to track and identify arsonists
Mine operators for emergencies including mine collapse
Tour operators needing to contact staff quickly to fill vacancies due to last minute illness
Corporations sending out CEO messages to their staff
Health operators, security providers, IT help desks

Ring Group

TelcoEdge local phone numbers includes a ring group feature that calls a group of phones simultaneously. The first one that answers the call is connected to the caller.

This is ideal where a fast response to the caller is critical.

Sales teams use it where the main sales line is forwarding calls to sales people working on mobiles phones, either in or out of the office, thereby providing maximum mobility and flexibility.

Change your call flow settings in real time 24×7 and combine with the many other phone control features provided in the TelcoEdge interface.

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