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Case Studies

Explore some of the projects and solutions we have delivered for customers.


Premium rate 190 telephony and credit card telephony solutions that give premium rate providers the Edge.

Unrivalled flexibility and maximum control gives you complete visibility over your business. Live operator and many other highly featured services at your fingertips.

Tired of poor service preventing your business from growing? Looking for an Edge to lift your business?

Free Call Recording in the Cloud Breaking Down the Costs

Expensive onsite call recording equipment may be a thing of the past with these features now included free with every TelcoEdge inbound telephone number.

Ideal for business and government enterprises looking to reduce their call recording and storage costs, while also introducing additional flexibility.

Protect your phone number with a TelcoEdge 1300 number

Starting a new business?

Want to protect callers from knowing your actual telephone number?

A TelcoEdge 1300 number will protect the privacy of your real telephone number, plus boost the image and presence of your business.

Secure Fax

Enhance the security of your faxed documents with a range of TelcoEdge protection tools.

Reminder Call

For when you absolutely need that reminder call on your phone.

Set reminder calls to recur daily, weekly, every business day, or for just an adhoc event.

Free Messages On Hold – making every call count

TelcoEdge messages on hold feature is included free with all our inbound 1300, 1800 and virtual local numbers.

Change your messages as often as you like 24/7.

No on-site equipment required, TelcoEdge provides the service in the cloud thereby eliminating recurring fees and reliance on your site hardware.

Network IVR

Muti-tiered menus, call queuing, post code routing, message on hold, time of day routing, call recording and more included free with all TelcoEdge 1300, 1800 and virtual local numbers.

Online interface enables you to manage your call flows, phone answer points, and track calls in real time 24/7.

Postcode Routing

Deliver calls accurately to your stores, franchises and sales teams.

Post code call routing is included free with all TelcoEdge 1300, 1800 and virtual local phone numbers.

Combine with our messages-on-hold, call queueing, IVR voice menus, call recording and many more features also included.

AdTrack – maximise your advertising

Tired of spending money on advertising that does not drive more sales calls to your business?

Our 1300, 1800 and virtual local numbers deliver sales calls to your business and tell you exactly which advertising channel the call came from.

Eliminate wastage, increase sales response from your advertising.