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Premium rate 190 telephony and credit card telephony solutions that give premium rate providers the Edge.

Unrivalled flexibility and maximum control gives you complete visibility over your business. Live operator and many other highly featured services at your fingertips.

Tired of poor service preventing your business from growing? Looking for an Edge to lift your business?

Complete Control and Visibility

We empower premium rate service providers to have full visibility and control over their business with our unrivalled PremiumPlus telephony services, enabling our customers to grow their business without technical limitations.

Our live operator premium rate 190 telephony, credit card telephony and other premium rate applications are highly featured, empowering you with market differentiation at your finger tips.

TelcoEdge is the manufacturer of the technology with over 30 years experience, thereby offering you a great product without the typical markup of a middleman.

Being our own manufacturer we are not limited to technical restraints of a third party technology provider, we can customise features to help you be highly successful in your enterprise.

We have Level 1 PCI DSS certification for security of processing your credit card payments.

Highly Featured

Multi-tiered access for service providers, content providers, managers and operators. Use the various levels as appropriate for your particular business.

Complete visibility and control of operators. Operators can log in and out as per your preference settings.

Rostering and scheduling to simplify management of permanent and temporary operators, leave, and shifts.

Automated and manual login for operators.

Create and activate new brands for your business in just a few moments without limitation.

Track your revenue with real time information, enabling you to make decisions to maximise your business efficiency.

Generate targeted SMS marketing campaigns with smart filters & response tools.

View who your operators are talking with, monitor missed calls and events in real time.

Analytics to give you management views of trends of calls, transactions and caller interaction in real time, thereby helping you to make the best decisions for your business.

View geo-location of callers for each brand to evaluate where your advertising is, and is not producing results.

Credit card management.

Membership and customer loyalty management.

Ask us about any features you want, chances are we already provide it!

How we can help

Ask our Customer Solution consultants today on how we deliver innovation to help you grow your business.

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How can we help you?

Get in touch if you have any queries or need a tailored, secure telco solution for your business.

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