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Ring Group

Finance company needed all their sales staff mobile phones to ring simultaneously such that the first one to answer gets the sales call. Answering inbound sales calls quickly is critical in the highly competitive finance industry.

Michael has a 1300 number for sales enquires to his finance company. Most of the sales staff answer calls on their mobiles for maximum mobility and flexibility.

The most annoying thing to a customer is to call the 1300 number and then have to wait too long for a sales consultant to serve them. If the phone system is configured to hunt a group of sales staff where each of them is on a mobile phone, then the long call setup time to try to call each mobile phone adds delay and frustration to the caller.

If the system can be configured to ring all telephones simultaneously such that the first one to answer gets the sales call, then the long call setup delays when calling mobile telephones one after another is eliminated.

Michael previously had a simultaneous ring solution however his provider did an upgrade and the feature no longer worked for him. He then contacted TelcoEdge who within a couple of business days developed and deployed a new Ring Group feature for his 1300 number.

TelcoEdge uses their own inhouse technology for delivery of customer solutions, thereby eliminating the technical restraints, time delays, and unnecessary costs of having to rely on third party technology.

The TelcoEdge technical roadmap is determined by our customer needs.

Michael’s finance company is now delighting his customers by his sales staff answering their calls in the shortest time possible.

Michael said “What I really like about you guys is that there’s always someone there to talk with and help me sort out what I want”.

Ring Group is now included with all TelcoEdge inbound phone services at no extra charge.

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