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Phone Payment Solutions

Process card payments during phone conversations with your customers, without card data entering your business.

Agent assisted and automated phone payments made easy.

 Level 1 PCI DSS certified.

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IVR Phone Payments

13, 1300, 1800 & Virtual Phone Numbers

Improve your business image and provide a national presence instantly.

Over 22 features included. Instant setup.

Over 30 years experience.

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IVR Phone Payments

100% Australian

Australian technology, owned and operated. All support staff are based in Australia. Your private data stays in Australia. 

We understand your needs. We speak your language. 

Over 30 years experience.

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IVR Phone Payments

Business SMS Solutions

We provide enhanced SMS solutions to some of Australia's largest corporations and Government.

Instant setup.

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IVR Phone Payments

NBN Fax Solutions

Moving to the NBN?

We can solve your fax requirements in the next few minutes. Instant setup.

Over 30 years experience.

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IVR Phone Payments

Real Time Control

Change landing numbers, time of day diversions, postcode routing, call queues, messages on hold, view reports etc.. when you need to 24x7.

Instant setup.

Over 30 years experience.

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IVR Phone Payments
  • 1300s, 1800s
  • Virtual phone numbers
  • IVR
  • Post code routing
  • Agent assist phone payment
  • IVR phone payment
  • Custom phone payment
  • Level 1 PCI DSS
  • Email SMS
  • SMS broadcast
  • SMS Alerts
  • Dedicated SMS
  • Email fax
  • Fax broadcast
  • Fax API
  • Secure fax


Our innovation. Enabling control

We design, develop and support our world class software that powers our services. Our developers have built industry leading solutions for the likes of Intel, Dialogic, Compaq, HP and Aculab.

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Your edge. You're in control

Our quality, feature rich services give you the edge when you need your interactive phone, fax and sms services working right now. Login and make changes to your services when you want to.


Early Warning Telephone & SMS Alerting

Following the deaths of nine people in the 2005 bushfire, communities on the Lower Eyre Peninsula set up their own early warning telephone & SMS alerting system.


Vehicle Registration Reminder

In conjunction with the South Australian Government, TelcoEdge has developed the eNotice SMS and Email notification service so motorists can be reminded when their vehicle registrations are due.


Choosing your Service Provider

When choosing a service provider to handle your critical telephone services such as your 1300 numbers, local numbers, IVR and other enhanced services, make sure they offer you these 5 key qualities.

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