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PCI-DSS Compliant phone payment systems for your business

TelcoEdge has a range of flexible, Level-1 PCI-DSS compliant Phone Solutions, served from our own Australian based, hybrid-cloud infrastructure.

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Giving you the Edge

We are a leading Australian telecommunications service provider offering secure, compliant phone payment services.

We are also the developers and owners of the IP technology we offer, therefore we are not reliant on upstream providers with different priorities, project delays and cost markups.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated and develop all our solutions in-house

PCI - Agent Assist

PCI – Agent Assist enables businesses to take card payments securely over the telephone using keypad tones (DTMF) while the customer and the staff member remain in conversation.

Simplify the scope of your PCI compliance, instantly.

Level 1 PCI DSS certification.

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PCI - IVR Payments

A powerful automated IVR phone payment service that collects credit card payments for you 24×7 and deposits the money into your bank account.

Customers can call the service direct 24×7 and make payments without needing to wait for business hours to speak with a contact centre agent.

Simplify the scope of your PCI compliance, instantly.

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PCI - Agent Connect

PCI – Agent Connect allows your business to manage skills based agent pools utilising our secure, PCI compliant Call Queue with Automatic Call Distribution.

Quickly move your agents offsite, work from home, even using mobile phones.

Monitor, manage, roster and report on all your agents in real time.

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Diverse Solutions

We specialise in secure, PCI compliant phone payments and our 30+ years experience in developing some of the largest telecomms solutions, allows us to provide diverse, secure, phone call solutions such as:

Enterprise & Government, Call Centre secure credit card payments. Notification services including phone, email, sms and payment solutions. Feature rich 1800/1300 numbers and customised solutions to match your requirements.

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