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PCI – Agent Connect

PCI – Agent Connect allows your business to manage skills based agent pools utilising our secure, PCI compliant Call Queue with Automatic Call Distribution.

Quickly move your agents offsite, work from home, even using mobile phones.

Monitor, manage, roster and report on all your agents in real time.

TelcoEdge Agent Connect is a telco grade, tier 1 PCI DSS compliant, Automatic Call Distribution and Call Queuing service that enables businesses to connect their 1300/1800/Virtual number to any number of remote telephone agents.

When a business suffers service interruption to their main PBX/ACD, or when business continuity or expansion is required, agents may be required to work remotely, but may not have the necessary infrastructure to quickly duplicate their on premise environment. Agent Connect can facilitate remote agents when rapid deployment is required.

The service is highly configurable to suit a wide range of business environments and requirements.

Delivered as a cloud solution purpose designed for rapid deployment without complexity, no special equipment is required. Agents can function via just a mobile phone or landline if required.

How It Works

Users may be assigned various role based accounts, from Client, Coordinator, Manager or Agent. Each role defines access and reporting abilities.

Clients may manage all aspects of the business from creating new services and users, to assigning and monitoring agents.

Coordinators typically manage agent rosters and run reports

Managers maintain and direct agents on a daily basis. Managers may monitor agent call activity in real time.

Agent availability can be activated by either login when required by web browser, or automatically by manager defined time periods.

Skill based agents may be assigned priorities in configurable agent groups

Inbound calls are assigned to agents on a least used (round robin), or skills based priority basis.

Agents may request work breaks from a manager, or if no manager is available, breaks are automatically approved and logged.

Agents can be automatically removed from an agent group and not assigned further calls if they exceed a missed call threshold.

All call and agent costs can be accounted for and displayed in real time if required.

Agent rostering is available which can alert the manager to insufficient assigned agents for any roster shift period.

Call queue can be configured for maintaining callers in a queue or playing them a message and disconnecting them.

Out of hours (OOH) and public holidays can be observed with either an audio prompt, or switch to an OOH destination.

The service is designed to be intuitive, fast and easy to use.


Secure web dashboard provides a facility to self manage agents, service configurations and reporting in real time.

You can log in to make changes yourself 24 x 7, or contact our friendly help desk to make changes for you quickly and easily.

If the billing and booking features of Agent Connect are utilised, the interface also provides real time reporting on call details and credit card
payment transactions.


Add, remove and manage agents, logins, PINs, access details.


Maintain which agents are required for daily shifts.
Highlight shifts that don’t have enough rostered agents.

Service Settings

Self manage agent groups, ACD and skill priorities.

Reports & Monitoring

Real time reports and monitoring of Agent calls. Manage Agent rest periods and failure alerts.
Report on agent login/logout times including rest breaks.
Agent call reports include calls and details including abandoned calls, avg call times, time to answer, rejected calls etc.

Voice Deployment Options

Range of deployment options are available.

Where your call profile is mostly inbound your 13, 1300, 1800 or local number can be ported to the TelcoEdge network, and we configure the services to land calls onto your existing answer points.

Porting a number takes approximately 10 business days to complete.

Where porting your 13, 1300, 1800, and local numbers to TelcoEdge, you retain the Rights of Use of your numbers.

For an immediate solution, either on a temporary or permanent basis, you can alternatively forward your inbound calls direct from your carrier to the TelcoEdge network, and we configure the services to land calls onto your existing answer points.

Outbound calls can be made by an agent using the TelcoEdge Agent Out service.

Other standard and custom options may be available on request.

Phone: 1300 20 88 20 Email: [email protected]

How can we assist you today?

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