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Call Queue

A Charity donations company needed all their remote sales staff mobile phones to be part of a call queue. Retaining inbound callers and distributing calls to home and remote agents is of utmost importance in securing donations. If disaster strikes their main call centre, remote agents must be brought on quickly and easily.

Charity Collections has a 1300 number for inbound charity collections. Occasionally staff need to work from home or remotely on landlines and mobiles.

Distributing calls to these remote agents as if they were in the main call centre is of utmost importance to keep the team processing calls.

The TelcoEdge Call Queue service can be quickly configured to accept calls from the charities 1300 number so customers expectation and advertised number does not change. Agents phone details are entered and ready to go.

The Call queue can be configured to provide onhold music while waiting for the next available agent.

TelcoEdge uses their own inhouse technology for delivery of customer solutions, thereby eliminating the technical restraints, time delays, and unnecessary costs of having to rely on third party technology.

The TelcoEdge technical roadmap is determined by our customer needs.

Call Queue is now included with all TelcoEdge Premium phone services at no extra charge.

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