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Phone Survey

Collect citizen feedback, voting and opinions by telephone 24 x 7.

Set up online in just a few minutes. Fully automated service, no call centre agents required.

Users just need a telephone – making it easy to participate.

Phone Survey enables government and enterprise to collect feedback, votes and opinions from citizens quickly and easily.

Set up on line in just a few minutes, set the start and end date, activate and it’s live.

Participants just need a telephone, thereby making it easy to use from practically anywhere 7 x 24.

Enterprise use it to collect feedback on proposed changes to work place agreements.

Local government use it to collect opinions, feedback and complaints.

Charities use it to collect feedback from the public and at the end of the call to invite the caller to make a small credit card donation.

Voting type services can validate the callers workplace ID and PINs before placing their vote.

Configure questions for yes or no answers, or a range of answers, or to leave a recorded message.

Schedule the start and end times for those period critical situations.

The service is fully automated with results sent to your email inbox as required, or you can log in and view reports in real time as the event progresses.

Live demo

Listen to our demo collecting opinions as to whether Holden or Ford is the better motor car. Call 1300 002 392.


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