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Phone Security

Protect privacy of your phone number with our Virtual Phone numbers. Calls are auto-forwarded to your real phone number. Protects you from undesirable callers such as predators and scammers.

Includes blacklisting, real time call reporting, call screening, voicemail to email, call recording and many other features that you can toggle on and off as required.

Block predators, scammers and undesirable callers from knowing your real phone number.

Select from any of our Virtual Phone numbers available in all Australian capital cities and set your call preferences. Caller dials your Virtual Phone number and the call is forwarded to your real phone number.

Includes many features you can toggle on and off as required to enhance your privacy & security:

  • Blacklist undesirable callers so they can never call you again.
  • Whisper audio message played to you when the call is forwarded to you so you know where the call came from.
  • Call screening so our system tells you who the caller is before you accept the call.
  • Call recording for those important conversations.
  • Call reporting for when you need to check on a particular caller.
  • Time of day and day of week routing to deliver calls where you want, when you want.
  • Voicemail to email to provide a professional greeting and take a message for those times you can’t take the call.
  • Call queuing with Message-On-Hold to improve caller experience and retain the caller when all your phones are busy.
  • Virtual calls feature enables you to also make outbound calls via your Virtual Phone number and present that number to the person you are calling.
  • Your Virtual Phone number enables you to have a ‘local presence’ in one location or state when your business may actually be operating in another location or state.
  • Your Virtual Phone number remains available to you even when you move the location of your business.

Protect the privacy of your phone number from as little as $10 per month which includes $15 worth of calls per month.

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