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Internet Fax Improves Document Security for Lawyers & Solicitors

Send and receive fax documents as PDF files in your email to improve handling efficiency while also saving money.

Apply passwords to your PDF files, and zip files, so that only the sender and receiver can access the fax document.

Add subject tags to your PDF files to improve archiving and searchability by these subjects.

ncrease security of your faxed documents?

TelcoEdge internet fax includes options to password protect the fax document so that only the sender and receiver can access the document.

Or go another step higher by placing the password protected file in a zip file protected by another password.

Receiving fax documents as PDF files, instead of hard copy, also enables lawyers and solicitors to archive and add subject tags to the document to make it easier to search for it by those tags at a later date, thereby improving your document management efficiency.

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