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Customised Solutions

TelcoEdge has over 30 years experience in delivering flexible telco grade telephony solutions that give your business the ‘edge’.

We listen to your requirements and build the solution in close consultation with you.

Building world class telephone applications since 1987

We design and develop our own call processing software and are therefore in control of any changes or modifications that may be required by our customers

Need to de-scope your contact centre for PCI compliance? We can help.

Need help with a Phone Fax or SMS solution to talk to a legacy system? We can help.

Need a feature you can’t find anywhere else? We can help.

Need a Phone FAX and SMS provider that actually knows their stuff? We can help.

Custom solutions tailored to your requirements

We listen to your requirements and build the solution in close consultation with you. Our focus is to have your business generating revenue earning calls in the shortest possible time.

With over 30 years of building commercially successful telephony solutions, our designs go beyond telephony to understanding and incorporating your wider business requirements.

Cloud or appliance

Solutions are deployed as either hosted services in our telco grade cloud, or as WhirlwindX appliances installed in your network.

Example solutions

  • PCI DSS certified custom interactive voice response (IVR) solutions for call centres, service providers and government
  • Phone, Fax and SMS APIs for remote communication with your systems
  • High capacity Phone, Fax and SMS broadcast solutions
  • Secure fax solutions for health, finance & legal environments
  • Secure phone payment services integrated with our 1300 / 1800 cloud
  • Premium rate telephony with real time billing and control

Example interfaces

  • ISDN
  • SS7
  • CAS
  • SIP
  • MRCP

How can we assist you today?

If you have any questions or require a customised, secure, interactive telecommunications solution for your business, please contact us.

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