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Bushfire Alert

Early warning alerting service used by local communities and emergency services groups.

A member dials in and leaves a message about the emergency. This message is then broadcast very quickly to member’s work phones, home phones, mobile phones, and text is simultaneously sent by SMS and email.

Bushfire Alert is an early warning alerting service used by local communities and emergency services groups.

Communities send out warnings to their members about bushfires, storms, suspect arsonist activity, mountain road closures, and any other emergency of interest to the local community.

Being alerted “early”, and with local relevant information about the emergency, provides you with more critial time to implement your emergency action plan.

How to form an alerting community

An advocate for a group or community sends us a completed Telephone Broadcast Application Kit.

A dedicated local number, or 1300 number, is allocated for this community.

Members can subscribe online individually to this community by credit card and enter all their telephone numbers and email addresses they want to receive voice and text alerts to. Alternatively the advocate for the community can subscribe all their members and make one single payment.

The fee is simply $18 per telephone number per annum. No other fees apply. The entire service and alerts are included in the annual fee.

How to send an alert

A member of your community dials the dedicated telephone broadcast number and follows the prompts to record a message about the emergency.

Prompts direct the caller to confirm if it is a real emergency (this allows for test calls to be made without initiating a live broadcast).

Once confirmed the system will broadcast the recorded voice message to all member’s landline and mobile telephones, and a text version is sent by SMS and email.

More information

The advocate is provided with a secure interface where they can change preference settings on how alerts are processed, change members details and telephone numbers to receive alerts on, and access real time reports.

Preference settings include options for an operator to vet the message before being broadcast. Other options provide for the group to determine who is or is not permitted to initiate alerts.

Additional configuration preference settings and customisation is available.

Bushfire Alert has been empowering communities and emergency services groups across Australia since 2005.

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Critical Information Summary

To form an alerting community

To subscribe to an existing community

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