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Virtual Office Login

24/7 Control

Eliminate delays in your business

All our standard products empower you with 24/7 access from your mobile or internet browser to manage your service settings in real time.

No need to wait (and pay) for your provider to make changes for you, just login and make the changes yourself saving valuable time and money.

Access reports on your calls, faxes, SMS, new records appear in your reports shortly after you have completed that transaction to keep you informed and in control.

Take control of your business

Just a few example settings you can self-manage 24/7:

  • Change the landing phone numbers on your 1300, 1800 and virtual phone numbers
  • Manage email addresses for delivery of voicemail
  • Edit time & day call routing settings on 1300, 1800 and virtual phone numbers
  • Set up a recurring reminder call
  • Change your sending email address in Email-Fax and Email-SMS services
  • Upload and set new audio for your greeting menus (IVR services)
  • Edit Phone, Fax, SMS, and email targets for broadcast services
  • Manage secure fax settings
  • Block undesirable callers

Spend Management Tools

All our standard Phone, Fax and SMS services have controls that can be used to limit usage such as maximum number of calls, faxes or SMS per day/week/month, or maximum amount of spend per month, if desired.

These tools are included at no extra fee to you.

Please contact our sales desk to configure these settings for you.


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