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Community Alerts

Community Alerts – Formerly Bushfire Alert

When there is a emergency situation in your community area such as a bushfire, flood or road closure, YOU can alert all your neighbours and family members quickly and easily with Community Alerts.

Early warning is critical to helping you & your neighbours protect property & family.

Community Alerts enable communities to send and receive early warning alerts when an emergency occurs in their area.

Community Alerts are operated by YOU and YOUR community. When you need to alert your neighbours about a threat such as a bushfire, you make a call to Community Alerts and your message is broadcast to everyone in your registered community quickly and efficiently.

Voice alert messages are sent to your work, home or mobile phone, and text alert messages are sent to your email and mobile phone, making you aware of the emergency regardless of where you are at that time so you can make an immediate decision on what action to take.

Calling all your neighbours about a fire, one at a time, wastes valuable time that could be spent evacuating or fire-fighting, and potentially dangerous for the last people receiving their call. Community Alerts makes your call to your entire community for you quickly and easily, at the early stage of the emergency, giving you a better chance of protecting your property and helping your family to survive.

Community Alerts are NOT a replacement for calling 000

You should always call Emergency services on triple zero before calling your Community Alerts number.

Community Alerts compliment, but do not replace, any emergency services.

How it works

Each community is provided with a unique reporting phone number. When a registered community member in that area detects a community emergency, they dial their community reporting phone number and leave a message explaining where the situation is and any other brief and relevant information. The system then broadcasts that message to all the community members using phone, sms and email.

Who makes the phone call to report the emergency?

If you become aware of a situation in your area that has not yet been reported, then YOU make the phone call to your Community Alerts number and follow the prompts.

What number do I call to report an emergency?

In all cases, you must call your emergency services first, typically 000, then call your dedicated Community Alerts number that we provide to you when your service has been activated.

What happens when I report an emergency?

The service will ask you to leave a message about the event, such as where a fire might be located or where its heading and what action you are going to take (eg fight or evacuate and has the fire authority been notified). The system asks you to confirm that you want your message broadcast to your community. When confirmed, your message will be broadcast to everyone in your community.

Can we have a test Community Alert?

Yes, we send a test alert to your community once it is established, then again each year at the start of every summer season.

Will the local fire authority initiate the alerts?

No. Community Alerts are activated by YOU and YOUR community.
Some communities arrange to have members of their fire services as part of their alerts group so they are alerted as quickly and early as your community.

How do I subscribe?

If you are already a member of a Community Alerts group, you can resubscribe annually at Community Alerts Subscribers
or you can contact our team via our Contact page to assist you in creating your own Community Alerts group.

How do I form a new Community Alerts group?

Gather a list of interested people in your area and we will assist in creating your community group, or register your property individually with us and we will contact you when there is sufficient number of properties in your area to activate that group. Community Alerts rely on a local community to actively watch for and report emergencies such as bushfires.

What does it cost?

Just $28 (including gst) per year for each subscriber. Each subscriber can register one phone and an email address. A phone will receive a phone call, as well for mobiles, a text message. An email address will receive a recording of the message as an attachment.

Helping Community Alerts

Community Alerts are a community driven service so encourage your friends, neighbours and people you know to join. The more people participating the more people there are watching for and reporting emergency type events. You can join an existing Community Alerts group in your area, or form a new one by contacting our team via our Contact page

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