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Enhanced Inbound with IVR Phone Payments

On-site IVR equipment can be expensive to support and technically restrictive.

Call queuing, message on hold, post code routing, time of day call routing, multi-tiered IVR, call recording, follow me, call splaying, simultaneous ring, voicemail to email and more are all optional features of the TelcoEdge PCI compliant phone payment services delivered in the cloud.

Enhanced call centre type features such as multi-tiered IVR, call queuing, message-on-hold, call recording and overflow to voicemail are typically provided by means of expensive on-site hardware and software, all of which attracts recurring support fees and costs to keep it up to date.

Enhanced carrier services such as 1300 and 1800 numbers with post code routing and call splaying are typically complex to set up and attract expensive recurring fees even before a call has been made.

TelcoEdge changes these models by providing these features as a cloud service, and including them with PCI compliant phone payment services.

No expensive on-site equipment or capital expenditure required.

Using the TelcoEdge call recording service also solves the problem of obtaining centralised call recordings when your agents are working from remote offices or from home.

Includes rapid setup, real time call reporting, and a comprehensive API for secure remote communications with your systems.

Dramatically simplify the scope of PCI compliance, instantly.

TelcoEdge is the developer and IP owner of the technology, thereby not reliant on upstream providers with different priorities, project delays and cost markups.

Our technical roadmap is driven by our customers.

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