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Contact Centre Phone Payments

With strong growth in on-line shopping one would expect phone payments to decrease, however this is not the experience of many retailers.

During an online purchase, shoppers often want to talk with the retailer over the phone to confirm details about the product or delivery.

It's in the retailer's (and shopper's) interest to conclude the sale, process the payment and ship the goods - driving growth in phone payments.

Customers phoning contact centres for disputes, refunds or exchange of goods are also driving phone payments for many businesses.

Contact Centre PCI Compliance

Contact centre environments generally consist of CRM, admin systems, a call recording system and a telephone system.

Increasingly the telephone system is Voip based and uses the same internal network as the rest of the systems running the business, thereby bringing the entire contact centre environment into scope of PCI compliance.

For many businesses, making their environment PCI compliant is highly complex and expensive, if at all possible.

The call recording system alone poses a problem, as PCI requires that the CVV must never be stored. 

The challenge is that the people and the technical environment are all exposed to card holder data, thereby are all in scope of PCI compliance.

A New Way

To resolve this we have added a new feature to our phone payment services called PCI Agent Assist.

PCI Agent Assist collects the card holder data and processes the payment without exposing your people or environment to cardholder data.

The key to this is that the agent remains in full voice conversation with the customer throughout the payment process, thereby providing the highest level of customer experience and can continue in conversation thereafter to process the rest of the sale such as delivery instructions for the goods sold.

How It Works

When a card transaction is required, the agent enters the payment details such as invoice number and amount into the TelcoEdge web interface, then asks the caller to enter their card details using their telephone keypad.

Agent Assist captures the keypad tones (DTMF) and masks those tones from being passed through to your contact centre.

No cardholder data (CHD) is passed through to your agents, call recording service or other infrastructure.

The customer and agent have continuous voice conversation throughout the process.

The scope of your PCI compliance, and technical challenges, are now dramatically reduced.

Supports both inbound and outbound calls.

Level 1 PCI DSS Certification.

Simplify Your PCI Compliance Today!

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