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AdTrack - maximise your advertising

AdTrackTM delivers sales calls to your business and tells you in real time exactly which advertising channel brought you that call.

Eliminate wasting money on poor performing ads.

We provide a pool of 1300, 1800 and local virtual phone numbers from $10 per month to use in your advertising campaigns that deliver sales calls to your business. Use these numbers in your advertising media such as Google Ads, websites, social media, directories.

Alternatively port your existing phone numbers to our network.


  • Geo-location data (in real time) of where calls orginated from
  • Messages-on-hold - make every call count
  • IVR voice menus - direct calls where and how you want
  • Postcode routing - deliver calls to the nearest store
  • Call recording - lift your sales team skills
  • Call queuing & voicemail overflow tools - reduce missed calls
  • Whisper transfer - tells your sales team where each call is from
  • Real time call reporting
  • Online access to self manage your call flow, messages-on-hold, audio files

AdTrackTM is included free with all TelcoEdge 1300, 1800 and virtual local numbers.

Give your business the Edge.

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