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International Rates

International Rates – All plans

Prices shown in Australian currency and include GST.

Call prices shown as a per minute rate and billed on a per second basis.

Fax prices shown as a per page rate. Pages that exceed 60 seconds are charged at the listed rate per min.

SMS prices are per SMS of 160 characters for a single SMS or 154 characters for a combined SMS.

For destinations not listed call us for current pricing information and availability.


Destination Calls per min SMS Fax
USA 12c 10c 12c
UK 12c 10c 12c
Canada 12c 10c 10c
New Zealand 12c 10c 10c
South Africa 12c 10c 10c
Singapore 12c 10c 10c
Indonesia 12c 10c 10c
Japan 12c 10c 10c
Italy 12c call us 10c
Hungary 12c call us 10c
Brazil 12c call us 10c
Fiji 12c call us 10c
Ireland 12c 10c 10c
Philippines 50c call us 50c
Netherlands 50c call us 50c