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Virtual Phone


Information about the Service

The Service

A Virtual number gives your business a national presence and your customers a single point of contact. Virtual numbers are for receiving inbound calls only. We provide you with an interactive interface where you can manage the features provided and where the calls are to be forwarded to. There’s no need to install new phone lines, calls are simply forwarded to your existing landline, voip or mobile phone. TelcoEdge Virtual phone numbers include many powerful features for your business as outlined below.


This service is not conditional on any bundling arrangements.

Minimum Term

1 calendar month unless otherwise agreed or specified in an offering.

Information about Pricing

Callers pay an untimed local call as charged by their carrier. A mobile caller may pay more depending on their carrier. You, the subscriber of the Virtual number, pay the fees as outlined in the below table.

All prices exclude GST.

Prices shown as a per minute rate are billed on a per second basis.

Setup fee $19 $19 $19
Monthly fee $19 $39 $59
Creditcard transaction fee 1% 1% 1%
Calls to national Australian standard landline 11c/min 9c/min 7c/min
Calls to Australian mobile 20c/min 17c/min 13c/min
Calls terminated in TelcoEdge cloud 12c/min 11c/min 10c/min
Voicemail email delivery Nil Nil Nil
SMS alert on received voicemail 12c 10c 8c
Fees for additional answer points Nil Nil Nil

All Plans
Forwarding calls to other 13 & 1300 numbers 39c flagfall plus 5c/min
Forwarding calls to other 1800 numbers 10c flagfall plus 5c/min
Forwarding calls to international destinations
Complex configurations and custom setups Quoted for on request
Custom audio file Quoted for on request
Fees to port a number into our cloud $50 per number
Non direct debit manual handling fee $3.95 per month per account
Fee for you to change your service settings including
phone numbers, call flow, audio
Fee for TelcoEdge to change service settings on your behalf $15 per change


Minimum Monthly Charge

Edge19: $19
Edge39: $39
Edge59: $59
Where payment is made by manual bank transfer then a fee of $3.95 per month per account is added to any of the above monthly fees.
A 1% creditcard fee applies to all transactions.

What’s Included

TelcoEdge virtual phone numbers include many powerful features (depending on plan selected) for your business. Time & day routing, call overflow, state based routing, voicemail-to-email, caller announcements, voice menus, post code routing, call recording, call screening, call queuing, support IVR, simultaneous ring, message on hold and many more enhancements are available. This list is regularly expanding, please contact our sales desk for feature requirements. A TelcoEdge interface where you can manage your service settings and access usage reports in real time.

What’s Not Included

PCI compliant phone solutions such as automated phone payments and PCI Edge are not included in the standard services however are available and quoted for on a case by case basis by calling our sales desk on 1300208820.
Dishonour and late payment administration fees may apply where invoices are not paid in full on time.
Non direct debit manual handling fee where payment of monthly invoice is not made by credit card or bank direct debit.
No telephone handsets, hardware, phone lines, internet or voip services.


7 days’ notice.
No cancellation fee applies.
Monthly service fee for the current month at time of cancellation is not refunded.
No transfer out of Virtual number fee applies.


Other Information

On-line Access

Log into your TelcoEdge interface any time at to access usage reports and manage your service settings in real time.

International Use

Virtual numbers are specific to use within Australia and usually cannot be dialed from outside Australia hence we recommend to advertise your local Australian landing number for callers wanting to call your business from outside of Australia.
Where forwarding calls on your Virtual number to a mobile number that is roaming outside of Australia, your mobile carrier may charge you roaming fees.
Where forwarding calls on your Virtual number to an international number, the international call rates are shown at

Full Terms and Conditions

Product and pricing information is correct at time of printing. This critical information is a summary only.
Our full terms and conditions on which we provide our products and services are provided at


Our invoices are sent to you each calendar month by email. The invoice date usually coincides with the day of the month you commenced subscribing to a TelcoEdge service. Each invoice includes the monthly service fee in advance of the next month, and usage of the service for the past month that is in excess of the usage included free with the plan.

Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding your service please contact us on Phone: 1300208820 during 8:00am to 5:00pm ACT and ACDT Monday to Friday, or Email: [email protected]  If we are unable to resolve your issue to your satisfaction please visit our Dispute Resolution policy provided at
If you are still not satisfied with the steps TelcoEdge has taken to resolve your issue you may contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). The TIO will only investigate complaints as a last resort and only after you have already attempted to resolve your issue with TelcoEdge. You can visit the TIO at or call them on 1800062058.

Thank you for Choosing TelcoEdge

If you have any questions regarding your service please contact us on
Phone: 1300208820
Email: [email protected]