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Case Studies

Explore some of the projects and solutions we have delivered for customers.

PCI Compliant Phone Payment Solutions

Flexible Phone Payment solutions that take your staff and infrastructure out of PCI scope instantly.

Highly configurable for rapid deployment and easy ongoing management.

Level 1 PCI DSS certification

PCI – Agent Assist

PCI – Agent Assist enables businesses to take card payments securely over the telephone using keypad tones (DTMF) while the customer and the staff member remain in conversation.

Simplify the scope of your PCI compliance, instantly.

Level 1 PCI DSS certification.

Contact Centre Phone Payments

With strong growth in online shopping one would expect phone payments to decrease, however this is not the experience of many retailers.

During an online purchase, shoppers often want to talk with the retailer over the phone to confirm details about the product or delivery.

It’s in the retailer’s (and shopper’s) interest to conclude the sale, process the payment and ship the goods – driving growth in phone payments.