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Flexible Telephony Solutions

TelcoEdge has over 30 years experience in delivering flexible telco grade telephony solutions that give your business the 'edge'.

As the manufacturer and developer of the technology we are not reliant on upstream vendors, thereby enabling us to deliver the solution you need instead of what is just available.

TelcoEdge has level 1 PCI DSS certification on a wide range of powerful telephone payment services that instantly remove your contact centre agents and telephone infrastructure from scope of PCI compliance.

Our services include 13, 1300, 1800 and virtual local phone numbers with call centre type features such as IVR voice menus, messages-on-hold, post code routing, time of day call routing, voicemail to email, call recording, telephone broadcast and PCI compliant phone payment solutions. No expensive onsite equipment required, just use standard landline or mobile telephones.

Set up a virtual business presence in a location of your choice in just a few minutes. Select a virtual local phone number or 1300 number to protect the privacy of your mobile number.

Virtual phone numbers protect your business by enabling your customers to keep calling you even when your sales staff have moved to a competitor and taken their mobile number with them.

We empower government and enterprise with flexible templates to deploy sophisticated SMS solutions communicating between their in-house systems and the general public, without having to undergo complex and expensive integration projects.

Our standard SMS solutions enable you to interact with your customers and run marketing campaigns.

We provide custom solutions to government such as collecting phone payments for motor vehicle registration renewals, citizens to receive SMS reminders when their registration renewals are due and phone payments for occupational license renewals.

We empower call centres with live agent screen data, real time call transfer controls, pre-paid and post-paid real time credit control on a per second or per event basis, automated phone payments and remote agent access.

No Middleman

We develop, export and use our own technology, thereby not reliant on waiting (and paying) for a third party technology vendor to deliver a new feature that you may be needing to give you the 'edge' in your chosen market. Chances are that the feature you desire is already included in our standard product offerings.

Unlike most telecommunications carriers we can deliver highly flexible, custom telephony solutions without the typical time delays and high costs.

30 Years Experience

The owners have 30 years experience in developing commercially successful telco-grade telephony solutions deployed in Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas, Australia and New Zealand for service providers, enterprise and government.

Our technology has been used by some of the largest telecommunications carriers, media enterprises and technology companies in the world.


Richard Clarke - VP Technology

Richard has life-long experience in developing telephony software and services spanning premium rate, complex switching platforms and enhanced telecommunication services, including speech recognition in public networks.

Richard designed and developed the first premium rate telephony software in Australia during the late 1980s for Kerry Packer's Australian Consolidated Press, one of the world's largest media companies. This software is still in use today by the same division and continues to outperform its competitors in features and flexibility.

As the founding CTO of Steadycom Ltd, he designed and developed telephony software through the 1990s used by providers and carriers globally. Services included premium rate, pre-paid, pbx, voicemail, unified messaging, predictive dialler, legal call interception, audio conference, fax broadcast, least cost routing. Customers included OneTel, Vodafone, Primus Telecom, AAPT, Tata Telecom, and Escotel Telecom. The software was also rated best in world and OEM'd by Compaq HP and Intel.

HP Compaq rated this software best in the world and OEM'ed a version to run on Compaq Tru64 for the world's first CS2 compliant Service Node in their carrier markets.

The Compaq OEM version ran on Tru64 for their carrier markets. Development of the world's first CS2 compliant Service Node solution was carried out between Adelaide, Australia and Compaq in Annecy, France.

Intel also selected this software for their high density, highly scalable, Linux based Open Programmable Switch and later OEM'ed it for their NetMerge Media Communications Carrier Software (MCCS).

Intel's version was used in their high density and highly scalable Open Programmable Switch based on the Linux operating system and Intel/Dialogic hardware. Intel later OEM'd this product which today remains part of Intel's current NetMerge suite, known as the Intel NetMerge Media Communications Carrier Software (MCCS).

The Steadycom business was acquired in 2001. Richard founded SkunkWorks Australia in 2002 which changed it's name to TelcoEdge in 2013, and co-founded Pep-Talk International in 2005.

Richard's development management, innovation and design skills are recognised globally.

Bill Oborn - VP Sales and Marketing

Bill has over 20 years experience in taking technology to markets, including mobile telecommunication, voice and data solutions in Europe and Australia.

He founded and operated a successful amusement electronics business in Australia in the late '70s before moving into engineering, chemicals and then the telecommunication field.

While working for Hawthorn Leslie Communications in London, Bill gained the 1991 European Salesman of the year award for developing mobile and wireless business in a fiercely competitive market.

Bill then moved back to Australia where he worked in many roles with Telstra. These included managing the national cellular product management, pricing, and product procurement business in 1993 during a period of rapid growth and early GSM deployment. He then took on market development of the then new wireless packet switched network into South Australia and Northern Territory. His experience includes development of and winning several whole of government mobile business deals.

While working for Optus, he introduced their first significant managed voice and data over frame relay deployment into corporate Australia.

Bill then took on business development for Steadycom telecommunication software in Asia Pacific, developing markets in enhanced service solutions for public network providers and carriers.

Bill also founded Voice Pty Ltd, a successful unique business of hosted telecommunication solutions mixed with Internet services which was acquired in 2003.

Bill joined SkunkWorks Australia in early 2003 which changed it's name to TelcoEdge in 2013, and co-founded Pep-Talk International in 2005.

Our focus is to work closely with our clients and leverage our technical flexibility to empower their business with innovation and market leadership.

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