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PCI - Agent Assist Phone Payment

PCI - Agent Assist enables businesses to take card payments securely over the telephone using keypad tones (DTMF) while the customer and the agent remain in conversation.

When a card transaction is required, the agent enters the payment details such as invoice number and amount into the TelcoEdge web interface, then asks the caller to enter their card details using their telephone keypad.

Agent Assist captures the keypad tones (DTMF) and masks those tones from being passed through to the contact centre.

No card holder data (CHD) is passed through to your agents, call recording service or other infrastructure.

The customer and agent have continuous voice conversation throughout the process.

The scope of your PCI compliance dramatically reduced.

Supports both inbound and outbound calls.

Optional features include call queuing, message on hold, multi-tiered IVR, post code routing, follow the sun call routing, call overflow, hunt groups, call recording, real time call reporting and more.

Where preferred, call recording can be provided within the TelcoEdge service where cardholder data is also excluded from the recordings. This is also ideal for agents working from home or remote locations without onsite recording facilities.

Our API provides options to communicate with your environment to verify information such as payment reference numbers and amount to pay, and to send the results.

The service is independent of your telephone system and technical environment.

100% Australian technology, owned and operated, thereby eliminating off-shore legal jurisdictions accessing your private data.

TelcoEdge is the developer and IP owner of the technology, thereby not reliant on upstream providers with different priorities, project delays and cost markups. 

Level 1 PCI certification.

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