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1800 Fax to Email

Australian National 1800 Fax

Fax – The business worlds trusted form of Document transfer, with the simplicity and ease of email. Send and receive faxes from the convenience of your chosen email client, or via the TelcoEdge web interface.

With a TelcoEdge 1800 Fax number, customers can send you a fax from any Australian landline for free!

Document Format

Receive your faxes as either Adobe(c) PDF the de-facto standard for portable document viewing, or as a TIFF image, the data format used by the fax machine itself.

Login to your TelcoEdge interface to change preferences such as document formats at any time.

Secure Fax

Our mail servers support all of the latest email transport encryption protocols, and you can even choose to send/receive your faxes as a password protected ZIP or a password protected PDF to further ensure the security and privacy of your fax.

Realtime Monitoring

Online realtime reporting.

View your fax broadcasts as they progress. View call and fax results online or even download as a spreadsheet to apply your own analysis. Flexible real-time reporting at your fingertips, 24/7

Australian Infrastructure

We are 100% Australian owned and operated, with all private data remaining within Australia.

TelcoEdge is the developer and manufacturer of the fax infrastructure, thereby ensuring continual inhouse enhancements as things change in the world of fax.

Ask us about a custom fax solution for your business, call 1300 20 88 20.

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