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Telephone and SMS Alerts

Alert your team or group to emergencies very quickly.

Sends voice messages to mobile and landline telephones, and text by SMS and email.

Purpose designed to provide absolute simplicity for ease of use during the heat of the emergency. No special smart phone, app updates or passwords required – just use a regular Mobile or Landline telephone.

A complete system for broadcasting voice messages by landline and mobile phones, and text by SMS and email to a large group of people very quickly.

The service is used by emergency services, community groups and enterprises for getting messages out to their target audience very quickly.

Support teams, health departments and education bodies use the service to alert their members of incidents, then provide subsequent updates as the incident progresses and then concludes.

How It Works

Members of the group register their details and preferences to receive alerts by their various telephones, whether they want just voice or SMS or both alerts, and whether they want an email alert as well.

When an incident occurs a member of the group dials into the service and records a message about the incident.

The system then dials all the listed telephones and plays the voice message, and a text version is also sent by SMS and email.

Updates about the incident are made by dialing in again and recording a revised message.

Members can also dial in and listen to the most recent, and earlier, messages as required.

Simplicity During The Emergency

TelcoEdge Telephone & SMS Alerting system is purpose designed to provide absolute simplicity for ease of use during the heat of the emergency.

  • Just use a regular Mobile or Landline telephone
  • No smart phone or app updates required
  • No need to log into something, or remember passwords
  • Store the alert telephone number into your phone’s address book for easy dialing.
  • Works equally well in poor visibility situations such as thick smoke or darkened skies, just dial the number and follow the audio prompts
  • Has been proven in hundreds of live emergencies for over 11 years.


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