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Innovative mobile solution develops a reverse charge market while improving child safety.

Children and teenagers are now just a free call away from safety on their mobile phone with 1800MUMDAD giving parents some peace of mind.

Launched in February 2006, 1800MUMDAD has rapidly developed an impressive reverse charge market in Australia and Europe.

The fundamentals for success are based on a very easy interface for children and teenagers, a good understanding of the mobile youth markets and a highly flexible underlying telephony environment.

1800MUMDAD enables users to make free calls to their parents or a trusted family member, even when the parents are not at home and the fees simply appear on the parents mobile phone account.

Traditionally these types of services have provided reverse charge calls billed to just the home phone, whereas 1800MUMDAD provides calls to multiple mobile and land line phones thereby addressing a much larger market; one of the key reasons behind their rapid growth.

Empowering users to make calls on mobiles and have the fees billed to their parents has captured the mood of the rapidly expanding number of youths with mobile phones.

Children with pre-paid mobiles often use up their credit making calls and SMS’ between their friends leaving them unable to make an important call to a parent when they really need to.

1800MumDad solves this by enabling parents to define which numbers their children can call them on such as Mum’s mobile, Dad’s office, Grandma’s mobile etc. Children can then make reverse charge calls at any time of the day or night to speak with a parent or trusted friend of the family when they need help or just want to talk regardless of the amount of call credit remaining on their mobile.

TelcoEdge WhirlwindX technology handles the complex call control, subscribe on the fly functions, billing, rating, voicemail, conferencing, SMS, real time credit control and least cost routing by land line and mobile routes. As the needs of 1800MUMDAD change, the flexibility of WhirlwindX enables modifications to be quickly implemented, keeping them at the forefront of their market.

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